About Us

Tuscany Service, the leader in Car Hire with Driver sector in the Tuscany

Tuscany Service is a leader in the Car Hire with Driver sector in the Tuscany region. Founded in the 1970’s by Marco Paoletti, the company has an in-depth knowledge of the entire territory, guaranteeing a high level of service. Our passion for travelling, meeting new people, the excitement of the sights and our desire to discover new routes allow us to work as it were always “Our first journey”.

Together, we can arrange car journeys in the most agile and suitable way, be it for business, personal, for transfer journeys, ceremonies and events, appointments, meetings, or guided tours.

We focus on whoever has the need to travel and who prefers to do so on four wheels.

Our clients come from all over the world and we offer them a car hire service with English-speaking drivers, as well as our Driving Guide services where the driver also acts as a tour guide, able to take travellers on cultural and artistic tours around Tuscany’s major locations.

We offer a wide range of vehicle choices, including minivans, cars, and also vehicles suitable for people with mobility problems, each with their own characteristic features.

Tuscany Service can plan an entire itinerary according to the needs of the client.