Car service for wedding and ceremonies

NCC Matrimoni

Wedding limousines

Tuscany Services provides car rental service with driver for weddings and ceremonies of all kinds. We can accompany you on the most important day as well as on the occasion of other ceremonies such as baptisms, communions, confirmations, parties, events and anniversaries.

For the most beautiful day

Wedding chauffeur service

Tuscany Service can add a wonderful touch of sophistication to your wedding, accompanying you in the appropriate way on the most important day. We know, marriage is an event that must be organized down to the smallest detail and everyone, starting with the bride and groom, expects the program to go smoothly.

Choosing a rental with a professional driver will guarantee you the security of being able to meet the scheduled times between one location and the next.

On your wedding day, we will be ready to accompany you with stylish cars and you will never forget the way that you have been transported along beginning of the most beautiful journey of your life.

On board a luxurious sedan our drivers, in suits, will accompany the brides to the location of the ceremony and will be available for the whole day. They will transport the bride and groom to the location of the photo shoot and to the place of the reception, ensuring maximum seriousness, discretion and professionalism.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Car rental with driver
  • Accompanying the bride to the wedding ceremony
  • Accompaniment of the spouses to the photo shoot
  • Accompaniment of the spouses to the reception
  • Waiting for the bride and groom to return

Service for the transport of guests

We can accompany groups of guests on board the minivans. This service is applied in cases where there are difficulties in reaching certain places with your own vehicle, such as in areas with restricted access, or in the event that the parking available to the location is not large enough.

Additionally, we can wait for guests from other cities at the arrival point and lead them to the ceremony.

Private drivers for Ceremonies

Our chauffeur service does not stop at weddings. We are also available for an NCC service for ceremonies with the same seriousness and professionalism. Our drivers will also be happy to accompany you on the occasion of parties, anniversaries, baptisms, communions, confirmations and any other type of ceremony.

Private drivers for clubs, parties and events

If you are organizing a large event or party, you can take advantage of our NCC service to accompany your guests to the event location and back.