American School

Limousine service for american schools in Florence

Tuscany Service works with the American schools in Florence to handle the transfer of foreign students: we can accompany them to the Institute, to their home, and during organised evening excursions, all in complete safety.

The American Schools service covers:

Transfer of foreign students from their point of arrival to the Institute, and from the Institute to their point of departure.
Transporting students to their home, hotel or hostel.
Accompany students to other destinations, such as evening excursions, organised tours of Tuscany, or in the city.
Other agreed transfers.
All the American School services are aimed at foreign students who are travelling either singly or in groups. It is possible to arrange availability of the driver for each type of transfer / itinerary, both on arrival and return.

We have gained much experience in this field and our drivers are prepared to work very closely with the schools, reporting to group leaders and with families that join the students to visit Tuscany.

We can organise tours specifically for foreign students and their families.