Cars and Drivers rental

Cars and Drivers rental

Mercedes-Benz chaffeur cars: Sedans, Vito limo, Van and Minibuses.

Tuscany Service offers numerous car on rental with driver at your disposal suitable for any type of short, medium or long-distance travel. If necessary, it is also possible to book the rental with driver for more than one day.

Our vehicles have permits to circulate in the historic centers of all Italian cities including restricted traffic areas and reserved lanes so that our clients will not have to worry about arriving late or finding a means of transport at his disposal upon arrival.

Tuscany Service cars are modern and are chosen among the latest Mercedes models. This means that all our cars are equipped with the comforts needed to create a serene, peaceful and pleasant travel situation. During the trip you can listen to music, watch a movie, leaf through a magazine or catch up on reading a book. We ensure maximum cleanliness in compliance with all the most stringent hygiene standards for all of our vehicles. During the ride you will be offered fresh water and cleansing wipes.

The cars are safe, subjected to scrupulous monthly checks, compulsory annual inspection, and are insured to the highest standards. At the time of booking the traveler is always given an assigned “escort vehicle” in the event of a problems with the booked vehicle, without any change in price from that previously agreed upon.

Van rental with driver

If you are looking for a minibus or a van rental with driver you are in the right place. Minibuses and minivans are among the most popular means of transport because they allow for group travel with the comforts that only a rental and professional driver can provide. This solution allows you to travel with more luggage and to divide the costs amongst the group. Minibus rental with a driver is particularly suitable for those organizing a tour and for those who need transfers between locations and for further travel.

Mercedes Viano and Vito limo

Practical vehicles that include all of the options to cater to your every comfort: reclining leather and ergonomic seats, dual climate control, tinted windows, video screens and microphone for tour guides. Minivans are suitable for any transport service thanks to the driver and the versatility of the vehicle which allows for increased or reduced space for passengers and luggage. The minivan is our number one recommended choice for most services.
People on board: 7/8 + driver.
Luggage loading: 5 large suitcases and 2 trolleys.

Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter is the most suitable vehicle for traveling in the greatest possible comfort and tranquility for long journeys. This van is the best choice to accommodate as many passengers as possible. In its Elegant version this car is also suitable for VIP Service.
People on board: 8 + driver.
Luggage loading: 8 large suitcases and 3 trolley.

Sedan Cars

Sedans are the par excellence cars for rental with driver. They are high-class cars suitable for any important occasion. Stylish and elegant, these cars offer unparalleled comfort that will make your trip a real pleasure.

Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is an elegant and refined sedan. It is the ideal car for business service, traveling to meetings and conferences, for a wedding, or any other important event.

People on board: 3 + driver.
Luggage loading: 2 large suitcases and 2 trolleys.

Mercedes S-Class

A powerful and elegant car. Suitable for different types of service, from transfers to VIP services.

People on board: 3 + driver.
Luggage loading: 2 large suitcases and 2 trolleys.

*Luggage is not permitted in the passenger compartment of cars; in case of a large amount of luggage it is advisable to rent a minivan.

Car with driver rental for people with disabilities:

Tuscany Service has vehicles available that are suitably equipped (equipped with special platforms and rods), to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for people with disabilities and mobility difficulties.

Private drivers

Our drivers are authorized to carry out transport services of people with the appropriate licenses and circulation permits. They can move freely throughout Italy and in Europe. Specialized in the region of Tuscany, the drivers have in-depth knowledge of the viability of the entire province and its cities.
All drivers guarantee punctuality, experience, elegance and discretion. To ensure that the service always meets the required standards, our drivers follow periodic refresher courses in order to ensure maximum safety and professionalism in driving.

Depending on the service to be performed, Tuscany Service recommends:

  • Drivers in suits for ceremonies, weddings, business events and VIP service.
  • Drive-Guide, or a driver / tour guide, who works exclusively from the vehicle (not authorized to accompany travelers to museums or other walking tours).
  • Drivers with knowledge of the foreign language. We have English-speaking drivers available.
  • Drivers / bodyguards. For travel in case of particular services such as the VIP Service.