Our services


We are specialists in the management of individual / group transport for major business events, such as seminars, congresses and conventions.

Solutions for businesses: We will take care of your clients, collaborators, employees and managers and will ensure they receive every comfort during their car travel, in the most welcoming manner possible.

The driver will await the client at their arrival point, with an identification card. This card allows the traveller to immediately recognise their driver, eliminating wasted time!

We will take care of our clients on board our vehicles: they can refresh themselves with moist towels, drink fresh water, and relax in our ergonomic seats before starting their work.


We are available for transfer from the point of arrival to the hotel, such as, for example, an overnight stay. We can also accompany clients directly to their meeting, or make an intermediate stop at the hotel before continuing on to the convention. Alternative transfer options can be agreed upon according to the client’s needs.


Upon their return, our clients will have the security of being accompanied from the meeting to their point of departure on time, with or without an intermediate stop at the hotel, or any other previously agreed arrangement. For those who want to let their hair down a little, it is also possible – for example – to include a transfer to a shopping area, or to a tour.

Vip Service

This is our service providing a vehicle and driver specifically for transfers, tours, or other services, to celebrities and important persons, including politicians, honoured guests, managers, high-level functionaries and actors.

Wedding & Events

Tuscany Service provides a car hire and driver service for transfer and / or other services for various occasions and events:

  • Sporting events
  • Political events
  • Private parties
  • Disco evenings
  • Other events
  • Weddings

Wedding Special:

Tuscany Service can offer a marvellous touch of class to your wedding, accompanying you through the fabulous natural scenery of the Tuscan countryside – ideal for an unforgettable event.

Tuscany Service reserves the most elegant cars for you; you will never forget having been accompanied on the most beautiful journey of your life.

On board one of our luxurious saloon cars, our drivers – dressed impeccably in suit and tie – will accompany the bride and groom to the site of the ceremony and will be available throughout the day. They will drive the bride and groom to the photography location and the reception site, all with the highest professionalism.

Service for transporting of guests:

We can accommodate groups of guests on board our minivans. This service is ideal for cases where it may be difficult to reach certain locations using your own vehicle, such as areas with reserved or limited access, or where available parking facilities lack sufficient capacity.

We can also await the guests, arriving from other locations, at the arrival point, and take them to the ceremony.


We offer various Trasportation services suitable for the many requirements of our clients: businesses, tourists, small groups, and film / TV crews.

Book directly with Tuscany Service and we will help you decide which type of vehicle is best suited to your needs and itinerary.


Our drivers will take you to and from airports, stations, ports and cities.

Upon arrival, you will find your driver ready and waiting. We can reach any station, airport, or seaport in Italy (including Florence, Pisa, Rome Fiumicino, Milan, Malpensa, Bologna and Venice), and can take you to your chosen destination: a hotel, a home, a meeting, a concert, or any other event.

Usually, the transfer service is usually from Florence to another town or city in Italy, to Florence from another Italian town or city, or within the Tuscany region itself.

The Transfer can include intermediate stops, such as for shopping, gastronomy, or just to sample the delights of an intriguing locality that happens to be on the way.

Driver Availability:

The transfer service can be linked to the availability of the driver. The driver will be made available to the client and can remain with them during transfers and stopovers.

The availability of the driver can be combined with any other Vehicle Hire with Driver service.

Tuscany Tour

Tourist Tours in Tuscany:

The Chianti countryside, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, Arezzo, San Gimignano or any other place in Tuscany can be transformed into your personal tour.
You can rent a car, or in Minivan, with a driver and have the opportunity to choose the route you have always dreamed of, to travel in the most comfortable of ways!
Our drivers will suggest unmissable stops, such as famous restaurants where you can stop for lunch or dinner, special points of interest, as well as provide information on the history and local culture of Tuscany.
Tours usually have a duration of 8 hours, unless otherwise agreed.
It will be a unique tour and in total freedom, because we will take care of it!

Tours we suggest in Tuscany:

-Tour in Florence. Florence is the city to visit for those who want to experience moments of enchantment, in places where time never seems to have passed. As ancient as it is rich in novelty, Florence preserves the art in the Uffizi Gallery, the Bargello, the Galleria Palatina in Piazza Pitti, the Academy of Fine Arts and Michelangelo’s masterpiece the “David” and the Pigioni. All unmissable destinations for those who are in Tuscany for the first time. Florence is also the city of fashion: in particular the famous Via Tornabuoni, a street of luxury where many trendy Griffes meet, absolutely to be peeked.

-Tour in the Chianti area. The Tuscan countryside of Chianti evokes flavors, aromas and warmth. A peaceful and relaxing dimension where the frenzy of the city fades in a breath. The wine, the oil, the sun and the valleys will be the scenarios that will flow before your eyes while traveling and which you can admire more closely during stops.

– Pisa and Lucca. Two cities not to be missed, both visited in one day. Pisa is famous for its ancient tower almost eight hundred years and that hangs from one side while still miraculously standing. And it is the miracles that give the name to the square where the tower is located, Piazza dei Miracoli, where you can also visit the cathedral, the baptistery and the monumental cemetery. Lucca is only thirty minutes from Pisa. Even today, this city retains its original features of medieval fortress, with its ancient walls that surround the town. Here you go back in time, a city in which to peep to enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of the past.

-Siena and San Gimignano. Two fascinating and mysterious medieval towns. The poetry and art that surround Siena are unmissable: famous for the Palio (traditional horse race that takes place every year in July and August), Piazza del Campo, the Duomo, the Torre del Mangia; Siena hides a timeless history in its streets. San Gimignano, the city of the towers, is one of the most famous medieval villages that offers breathtaking views of Tuscany and a history still intact with its famous towers.

-Pienza and Montalcino. The area south of Siena, between Pienza and Montalcino, is the photograph of one of the most beautiful countryside in the world. Along the way there are unexpected glimpses, rays of orange light and postcard images. Here nature and man achieve total harmony. We recommend tasting the famous cheeses of Pienza and Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscan food and wine excellences

Shopping Tour

What’s better than shopping in freedom without worrying about where to park your car or where to place purchases so cumbersome for walks through shops.
With the Shopping Tour we can accompany you to the places of shopping leaving you to dedicate exclusively to your shopping.
The most famous outlets and shopping centers in Tuscany, such as Space and The Mall, are some of our customers’ favorite destinations.
You can also choose to go shopping in the historic center of Florence as Via Tornabuoni among the big names, the Ponte Vecchio site of the old jewelers, the Santa Croce district, the center of leather processing or the artisan shops in Oltrarno.
Our vehicles can circulate in the historical centers of all the cities – you will have the possibility to do a shopping without brakes!
Tourist Tour + Shopping Tour.The shopping tour can also be combined with a tourist tour in Tuscany.

Shore Excursion

Tuscany Service works with some tour operators to organise shore excursion tours that connect with cruise ship itineraries.

Daily excursions are provided only in the major Italian cities, like Florence, Pisa, Rome, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, or Chianti.

The Shore Excursions offered by Tuscany Service are:

Custom excursion: the driver will meet the travellers at their port of arrival. Upon arrival, it is possible to choose the preferred destination to visit for the day, on board one of our minivans or saloons.

Guide Driver excursion: the Guide Driver – a driver also trained as a tour guide – conducts this excursion. The driver will explain the history and culture of the chosen destination. It is possible to request a driver who speaks English.

Excursion with driver and separate tour guide: this is our most popular service, and the service we usually recommend. The excursion includes both a driver and a dedicated tour guide, who can accompany travellers not only in the vehicle, but also on foot in museums, archaeological sites, and elsewhere in the town or city. Our tour guides are qualified and can provide information and all the assistance you require.

Crew Transport Services

Tuscany Service offers a dedicated service for film and TV productions, such as assistance in location scouting within the Tuscany region, as well as transportation during filming.

Thanks to our deep and extensive knowledge of the region, its towns and cities, and the Tuscan landscape, we offer our services as partners to directors and producers.

We are experts on Tuscany: we know all the small historic villages, sites, unusual districts, and panoramic views.

We guarantee speed and promptitude in transportation – we can bring the crew via the quickest routes – and we make use of dedicated equipment, such as walkie-talkies, to communicate between vehicles.

We are able to integrate our logistical skills with any professional agency in this sector. We have collaborated with major cinematographic production teams.

Wine Tour

The perfect tour for those who enjoy good wine, new flavours and new emotions.

Our driver will drive you to the wine cellars (“cantine”) and wineries dotted around the Tuscan countryside. You will taste wines famous throughout the world, such as Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, San Gimignano’s Vernaccia, and Montepulciano’s Nobile. In addition, you can taste Tuscany’s excellent olive oils.

We can transport you to those sites where the aromas will lift your spirits and help you rejoice between one tasting and the next.

Choose from the Cantine di Greve in Chianti, the Castello Vicchiomaggio (Vicchiomaggio Castle), the famous Castello di Verrazzano, the ancient Montagliari Farm, the Villa Dianella in Vinci, and many more.

Depending on the wine tour selected, you can opt for a guided tour of the wine cellars, taste the wine, the oil, savoury snacks, take lessons in Tuscan cuisine, stop off for lunch, stay overnight in an agri-tourism farm (subject to availability), and, of course, take advantage of having a vehicle and driver entirely at your disposal.

In each case, the wine tour will be organised according to your taste.

Tour of Tuscany & Wine Tour: combine our wine and gastronomic tour with a traditional tour of Tuscany’s sights chosen by yourself.

You can book visits to the wine cellars, with the opportunity to also learn about the Tuscan countryside surrounding Chianti, in a unique landscape – gastronomy tour.